St. Mary’s Feast Novena Programme 29th August to 7th September Holy Masses: 05.30 a.m. - Tamil 06.00 a.m. - Kannada 06.30 a.m. - English 07.00 a.m. - Tamil 07.30 a.m. - Kannada 08.00 a.m. - Tamil 09.00 a.m. - Kannada 10.00 a.m. - Tamil 11.00 a.m. - English 12.00 Noon - Kannada 12.30 p.m. - Special Mass 01.15 p.m. - Special Mass 02.00 p.m. - Special Mass 02.45 p.m. - Special mass 03.30 p.m. - English 04.00 p.m. - Tamil 04.30 p.m. - Kannada 07.30 p.m. - Tamil 08.00 p.m. - Kannada 08.30 p.m. - English Everyday 05.30 p.m. - Sermon, Flag Hoisting & Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at the Flag Post Special Programme on Novena days: 1. Mass Marriage on Sunday - Kannada 10.00 a.m. & Tamil 11.45 a.m. 2. Mass for the Golden Jubilerains of Married Life. 3. Night Vigil on First Saturday 4. Special Mass for the Sick 5. Penitential Service © 2009  (September 8th) .  The Main feast is celebrated with all grandeur on the 8th of September, the Feast day of the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, every year.  This feast is considered by the people, not only as the Feast of the Parish, but also for the whole of the Archdiocese and State of Karnataka. In preparation to the Feast, nine days novena is observed, wherein Holy Masses are celebrated through out the day, in which thousands of people participate with ardent devotion. Throughout the Feast the devotees are found to be dressed in ‘Saffron’ clothing. Archbishop blesses the flag and joins the Chief Guests in hoisting the flag. This hoisting of the flag symbolizes that our hearts too are to be raised towards the Almighty God with the perpetual help of Our Lady. Thousands of people gathered around the flag post, join in singing the praise of Mary Our Mother – ‘Ave Maria’ (Praise to Mary) and the song fills the air.  As per tradition, the flag is hoisted everyday, beginning from the Flag Hoisting day till the ninth day of Novena. On the Feast day, September 8th people gather in Lakhs, without any distinction of caste, creed or religion, not only from all parts of Bangalore, but also from all over India to pay their homage to Our Lady.  The whole city embraces the festive mood on that day.  Through out the day people flock in with lighted candles and flowers to pray and thank Mother Mary.  In the evening, around 5.00 p.m., a grand car procession – a chariot carrying the 6 feet statue of Mother Mary, draped in a silk saree is carried on the streets of Shivajinagar.  Mary, Mother of God is the mother of all generations, and she embraces everyone, without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion and language.  While we approach her, all that we need to possess, is true faith and selfless love in her and her son Jesus.  She is not the end of our lives, rather she is the one who will lead us safe,  just like a mother who will lead her child by holding its little hands, to the eternal kingdom of God.   September 8th  - Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Feast day masses: 4.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. - every half an hour 8.00 a.m. Kannada & 9.30 a.m. Tamil -  Concelebrated Feast Day Masses at Russell Market Square 5.30 p.m. - Mother Mary’s Decorated Car Procession 7.30 p.m. - Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 8.00 p.m. - Thanksgiving                  Mass